Geroge Washington to take over Europe, Willkommen zum Neu Deutsch Unuphangigkeit Partei, Wallerstein for Chancellor of Deutschland

Imagine 2 million George Washington’s making refuge in Europe demanding their human rights and threatening to make a country of their own and revive the dead corpse of sovereignty of other culturaly-epic states, nations, and peoples.

What would Europe do?

What could Europe do?

It would be a much worse problem than foreigners of African, Asian, American and Asia-Minor heritage,

for we George Washington’s claim our European heritage and understand the Magna Carta and Enlightenment as we are a formation of them.

Theoretically,(in the mind of the racist intolerant European) the other foreigners can be fended off, now or at a later time if entrance is permitted, and if it’s necessary to deport or lest i say cull them off, it could be made possible as it was in the past under the Nazis.

But we European/Americans are the same people as you ‘Racist Europe’,(although evolved thru the American Revolution and abolition of slavery) and unless you want to cull us off and kill yourselves basically then real change will come, for we hold these truths to be self-evident that all sovereign creatures are created with equal rights and liberties, that they should pursue freely the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

6.5 Year European Invasion Anniversary

Wallerstein for chancellor of Deutschland

here and now i create the Neue Deutsche Unabhängigkeit Partei

thanks Europe for not getting your murderous hands on me

or better, thanks to myself for not letting you do it as you have tried countless times,

long live GEORGE WASHINGTON                                                                   rlwallersteinIII 04102015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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