the World Embassy, what it does and who functions it…(Reprint;April 3, 2012)

The World Embassy is the seat of the World Ambassador, whose work is to organize the philosophical and logistical efforts to send Diplomatic Emissaries worldwide to create the conditions were all people are recognized as Sovereign People, Nations and or States. This will be the necessary groundwork if we ever expect to end human and environmental exploitation set upon those of underprivileged classes without Representative Sovereign Governments.

The World Embassy is the functioning arm of The World Union of Sovereign Nations and Peoples, and it’s only material infrastructure.

The World Embassy is to be run by the exiled leaders that were elected by the majority of their people. These Emissaries will make the diplomatic missions to the people, states, nations and unrecognized ethnic-ancestral lands worldwide, they will not intervene in the country they come from so as not to create a conflict of interest, where violence could ensue or follow.

The Emissaries will create a bridge between the different people of the countries they enter, by educating and co-finding possible scenarios of green energy trading that can be contractually guaranteed with a new non-coerced (without force) peace treaty that gives such populations State or Sub-Nation status and lets their inhabitants govern themselves and their territory.

This is the ethical decentralizing of government that is needed to bring about a conscious grass-roots green recovery of the planet worldwide.

The World Embassy is NOT a world government or a way to seize power from people and nations. It is a functioning body that works to restore the human rights of sovereign and non-sovereign people under threat worldwide and to raise awareness as to their flight and help restore their way of life through cooperative peace efforts and never resorting to violence.The World Embassy will have no weapons and very little if any protection, as well its Emissaries and Delegates will not be armed or escorted by any militias.

When the people of planet Earth realize this is the only work to be done at the crucible of World War III and Armageddon, then and only then will their be a chance for universal peace here on our only home, Earth.

Furthermore this kind of behavior will ensure our (humanity’s) entrance into the Universe, Space Colonization and Tera-forming will be peaceful and organic(without chemicals that cause rearrangement of DNA), which have the potential to throw most pre-existing bio-systems out of balance and into a codependent state, such is as how the human race has become with respect to it’s environment at the current time more than ever in all recorded human history.

Welcome everyone to our last chance to SAY “NO” to the New World Order and Agenda 21 where the U.N. effectively through war, economic strangulation and ecocide plan to decrease the population from 66.6%-90%, these figures represent the wishes of Bible thumpers through to selfish self-hating neo-liberal -conservatives crowned by the global elite.

Let us first and continue to employ and attempt diplomacy world wide with the ideals and efforts of The World Embassy before we EVER let our world leaders throw us into a full scale world war and thermonuclear warfare or war of attrition and retribution. If World War III is allowed to breakout it will set us back to a stone age existence with little resources that will be radioactively contaminated for hundreds to tens of thousands of years depending on the type of nuclear release. With Fukashima still billowing radioactive ash, smoke and hot radioactive particulates, the use of nuclear weapons seems to be highly desensitized, but still will be devastating and could send Earth into Nuclear Winter and a Ice Age.

Please people of Earth hear my request that we all work together to create diplomatic solutions for all the problems in your vicinity, by doing so you will lay the red carpet for the World Embassy to travel near and far and create the necessary peace that the majority of humans wish and hope for.

Thank You and “Blessing to all life”

The Third of April, TwoThousandTwelve, Earth

X: Robert Leon Wallerstein III                                                                         aka; aRLeon The Sovereign


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