the illegal? free expression of wallerstein

january 25, 2013

the illegal? free expression of wallerstein


To Kerstin, the judge ____________________and 1 More…

Jan 25, 2013

dear madams and sirs of the German government, law authorities, and civil orders.

because of the newly created executive order to spy on Europe, created by the hand of the leader Obama. I, Robert Leon Wallerstein III find it necessary to ask for special notice to my presence in Germany and that a knowledgeable threat has been placed against my person by the attitude and actions of one Barack Hussein Obama who with his agents of all sort of Americans and their (foreign) agents are possibly preparing to hunting my person down like a wild animal, now or at any moment in the near of distant future.
Below is my dissident expression that must be protected by The Rules of Nurinburg, the Geneva Convention, and the German Constistution. The USA, leader Obama and their accomplices,(foreign spy agencies and legal authorities), must not be allowed to make surveillance on my person which could aid and abet an attempt to incarcerate or kidnap, murder and or torture my person based on my free expression and willingness to export that vision freely from the place i stand via my mouth and or written messages and recordings as well as projections world wide through the world wide web (internet), Radio and Television, and that my doing so is protected under German law. Therefore the German legal-authorities must not cooperate in anyway what so ever with illegal American attempts to track and therefore prepare to fall on their quarry which i claim are individuals as myself.
below are links to  the majority of my essays articles and poems that are the fuel of my single handed world-wide peace movement, which self anoints itself with the crown of the World Embassy, which is my invention and design.
So therefore as the Ambassador of the World Embassy, I look to the future as to how i will fulfill “the dream” of all human history and create world peace based on and in sovereign order, while knowing the Deutscher is guarding my back.
thank you for your cooperation in helping to protect my life and my work.
yours truly, robert l wallerstein III


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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