Muslim Battalion deploys in USA , NEW Black Panther party Panthers provoke urban engagements with Austin, Texas, USA police with threats to kill them

OBAMA is silent as a possible al-CIA-da muslim force is deploying, The NEW Black Panther Party will likely be compared to ISIS in the future as it has no relevance or physical connection with Malcom X who was a devout man of diplomacy, which is absent from the militancy of these armed thugs and the progression of the assassinations of JFK, MLKjr, Malcom X, RFK and the uprooting of any ‘CIVIL’ civil rights for African-American minorities, who have been cow-toed from the standing of Marcus Garvey into being aborted by Neo-Leberal-Conservativbes such as Winfrey and Obamas to Sharpton and Jackson who have handed the future of African-Americans into the hands of Louis Farrakhan.

“on the eve of destruction” rlwIII 3192015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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