essentially giving by selling at a basement price  one of the Russian mountains of gold to the World for peace will cause the Russians to end up holding most of the solvent and insolvent world bank and stock notes. When that gold is sold at the new gold standard that the worlds sovereign nations and states newly forming gold backed central banks use as collateral to back up the returning sovereign bond market and capital gain potential to initiate new honest on the level gold standardized economies world wide and cause irrevocable bankruptcies to evolve into fiat currencies, and force their obsolesce.

the new gold standard rate must be low enough to incite and excite the world market consumer to literally purchase and invest ourselves worldwide into peace.

for the Russians the value is in that the next mountain of gold produced will be able to be spent on the green space program currently being brainstormed by much of current human intellect, rather than on defense and or nuclear conflict and potential annihilation of humanity and or our ability to live above a bad radio-active neo-stoneage standard of living which has the obvious outcome of extinction in a radioactive contaminated world

as for the rest of humanity we are in the same boat with the Russians as we to need have a better chance to not be slaves and live our dreams and quantum needs as humans with a hopeful and prosperous future,

yet we that must follow the dictatorial edicts of coward technocrats as are the Bandera-Nazi installers and freewill supporters of the holocaust on Palestinians,Syrians;Christians Muslims and others in the way of as the west’s Führen (dictators) Hobama and Amerkel war crimes and genocide in the instillation of the democratic value of a crisis and beheading and wholesale clearing of whole swathes of native inhabitants where the greater Israel is planned and partially purchased as is now already in the north of Iraq and rumored to be undertaken in the East of Ukraine the ancient homeland of f Kahzarian Jews (ashkeNazi), eastern european Ashkenazi Israelis who soon may be evicted from Israel/Palestine by war of their own doing or as Zionists would state is the will of God may attempt to schlep there before Armageddon (3rd-Palestinian-U.N.-assisted-Intifada).

It would be a better option, if not forced by logical sane investment, to end the current siege of Armageddon that sprays Depleted Uranium out everywhere the Wests terror armies and proxy armies attack against the biblical peoples of the Mideast that are the Palestinians, Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Egiptians, Yemenis, Bahrains, Kurds, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Arabs, Yazidis and all the effected peoples of the whole Western-inflicted MIDEAST HOLOCAUST

world economy 2.0 by Wallerstein



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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