der Neue Deutsch Unabhängigkeitspartei und der Industrielist

mehr Wahrheit-spreche für die Deutscher wenn ich bin der Kanzler über Deutschland in 2018

Ordnung to retool all existing Deutsche private industries

fully subsidized by the state, so as to benefit all the owners and not cause a threat to their kingdoms or base

but, it will be necessary for the retooling to cause the creation of a streamlined green hi-tech Deutschland that will be able to parallel and or top all other space programs as to their responsibility to the Prime Directive and seed the stars green.

which will

this also will mean a peaceful end to military industrial complex economic basement,  and cause the natural evolution out of war as the benefits easily out way the looses incurred upon by war and war unlimited as in war with Russia via Ukraine, in so many ways that no band aid or quantitative easiness could calm the never mending aggravations all this incurs and stills.

to literally think of every scenario and lays the path for least intrusion in to existing cosmic cultures.

this will be a boon for industrialists as they will be benefited greatly to deal with all the restrictions this Prime Directive will entail, as well it will create a never ending supply of all types of jobs, and will require a updating of the university system that it will create free thinking individuals able to deal with the never ending unknown contingencies that will also unfold before as a cultured quantum response of unknown proportions and meanings

this will be the biggest economic boom ever before in the witness of scribes immemorial

rlwallersteinIII 162015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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