to Vladimir Putin

OK its time for you my friend of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness to drop the hammer and announce the sale of the Russian mountain of gold for all currencies except dollars.

As a electronic bit coin currency the Russian government can now issue certificates or coins out of their embassies worldwide for stock-bond purchases made of the Russian mountain of gold via the internet on protected networks or live in person at any Russian Embassy etc.

whats special about this mountain is what ever the price its degraded to be the faltering will be the standard price of gold and at half or even more the value upon the break down of the fiat derivative currency system of the western banks, allowing always the ability to self start the banks at rock bottom by making another mountain of gold.

So the true speculation that can be based of this for a new world market is unlimited, especial with the advent of harvesting helium3 of the moon and bringing it here to earth to so easily meet all the worlds energy needs making Russia plenty rich enough to make full payment of the colonization of space along with who ever is cooperating with them.

All this will make Russia so rich it will be able to easily launch a world wide program to refine the world into a green hi tech streamlined machine able to systematically seed the stars green that no one should ever be left behind.

I predict that most will want to buy a stock-bond in this gold rather than take a chance with the western apologists and war maker that are leading us to total annihilation and doom as never before with their Satanic cult that destroys nations ability to support themselves by terrorizing them into submission of their sovereignty.

So this electronic bit-rubble is special that it will create sovereign bond market  through a fair financial chance all around the world.

this will cause the worlds economies and governments to turn over to the favor of Russia.

to finalize how wonderful life can be, when we want to cash in our Russian bit-rubble we can be paid in our nation of purchases currency, Russian rubble or Gold etc

BUCK THE DOLLAR – DIVEST from criminals or pay the price of supporting by being complicit to your own doom

BUCK AMERIKKKA INVEST in your nation-state and own your central bank based on gold. A Russian system of this nature i believe will cause a strengthening of every nation state non-fractional banking system or a return to them causing the chain of amerika to turn to ash.

rlwallersteinIII 12302014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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