for Anton and his people Humanity

if loving a baby is real and true

then its easy to love everything

that it is in a restful state

and then no stone shall ever maliciously harm a baby

or any other conscious life expressing its right to exist or simply just being

rlwallersteinIII 12272014 2am

the peaceful human is grateful they can let it all go and has rest

the unpeaceful human is resentful of the chances to let it all go and has unrest

rlwallersteinIII 12272014 1:55am

it only takes one person to save the world

but it takes a collective to destroy it

rlwallersteinIII 12272014 1:45am

please let these simple understandings hold you a little closer to your heart that you can feel it


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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