Israel over the last 6 years during the 3 Gaza invasions of 2008-2009, 2012, and 2014 has dumped a huge amount of Depleted Uranium (DU) on the Palestinian territory of Gaza Strip. The 50 day 2014 operation dispersed the largest amount of DU by way of bunker buster bombs and other undisclosed DU armaments, such as DIME mini bomb-lets etc.

In the future the chances are high that the people living in the dispersal zone will acquire cancers, birth defects, still births, and other known, unknown or untraceable and undiagnosable diseases. And furthermore with the Israeli War Crime of destroying hospitals, the Palestinians have hardly any medical access.

This clearly is open genocide committed by Israel, any people that support through philosophy, finance and or gifts must be traced, detected, indicted, completely discovered and sentenced. Justice to this conflict and the conflict in Syria Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, 911, etc all the way back to JFK assassination, where the players are sprinkling DU throughout the whole world since then it appear beginning to our knowledge in Yugoslavia in 1998-1999, but not confirmed.

This surely is a nuclear war being used to genocide people worldwide by way of death by genetic alteration that is premeditated, deliberate and traceable to very many politicians, Generals , Bankers, and Philosophers.

The war is against all humanity as it destroys the Earths natural system that creates, supports, and sustains all biological life here on our only home, Earth.

This War on Earth and Humanity is causing our need of scientific processes to exist , possibly in the near future earth will be unlivable, so in effect the World Powers That Be are forcing us into a world where natural processes and natural places are no longer available and we must live in the Machine of unnatural BIO-Systems for the rest of our days till we can find and colonize a suitable planet in ‘THE GOLDILOCKS ZONE’, good luck!!! as we haven’t even found this wet warm rock yet and when we do we most likely won’t be able to reach it in time with our limited or lack of ability to reach light speed or beyond as would be required to reach distances in light years.

rlwallerstinIII 12102014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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