2012 the year of the World Embassy >>> we missed that boat > keep bailing on the eve of destruction

happy new year! is a dream of yesteryear’s

2012 will undoubtedly turn out to be the most violent and deadly year for humans and planet earth.

All indicators are in that a largeR scale Holocaust has begun in the Middle-East and in America, where the protest movement including whistle-blowers have been targeted with indefinite detention in concentration camps along with potential political assassination of American citizens worldwide along with anyone else the American government thinks could be a threat in some true or imagined way to the sovereignty of the United States of America and any of its free market interests or conquered territories interests, including the continued occupation of American Indian lands in North America by the American government since 1776.

This occupation is ripe with the coercion of American Indian natural human rights into conditions of cultural genocide and extinction of specific tribes and tribal bloodlines.

The need for a World Embassy or World Consulate is greater now than ever in the 5000 years of recorded history

The time is now for humankind to save itself from any further loss of human and planetary bio-diversity.

Let 2012 be a wake up call and call to action to save what little true Earth we have left by banding together as sovereign people of planet earth, each with our national and or ethnic origin legally in tact and order.

Unfortunately we will have a hard row to hoe since the Fukushima nuclear disaster which has sent a death-blow to the Pacific ocean. Furthermore the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 have not been documented, but the indicators are in that the damage is far beyond imagination and that the Atlantic ocean also is in serious decline. Food sources will need to be reallocated quickly to avert (human) famine, as well as design re-education and welfare programs for loss of sea food jobs and business markets.

We will more than ever need to cooperate and create a green futures market, where the implementation of a worldwide green revolution that will lift up the standards of all humans to the point where life is possible to the degree of birthing at least one child into a more healthy world than we have now.

In this way we can preserve the necessary expansion of green technology that eventually will fit the reduced(halved in size each generation) population into whatever situation the future will bestow upon the inhabitants of planet Earth, including the possible abandonment of Earth in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters which render the earth uninhabitable.

happy new year! if you are in denial.

rlwIII January 1, 2012


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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