Armageddon arrives with Dictator Obama opening the gates of hell, Islamic State and Third Palestinian Intifada, all brought to you by USA/ISRAEL/NATO-Turkey/EU/UK of Arabia

Im as intimidated as the next man or woman who was threatened, kidnapped or murdered by the powers that be for expressing publicly far less than what i have here in my worldwide publication of this Beautiful Bloodless Revolution Journal, but as i have stated before i have nothing to lose since if we dont peacefully turn around our swift march to extinction then the ensuing wars will do it or drive us over the edge into having a planet to support its current human population, with billions dying in a matter of a bad growing season and inadequate resources to get thru the winter.

majority of Palestinians are Sunni

IS claims to be Sunni

the rest is a open book for all to read

its as i have written about previously, a radical uprising around Israel creating a pincher move around Israel

now when the Islamic State crashes in and the Iranians and the who else, Turks, Saudis? the EU? NATO? ???

all go after a international coalition of good and bad forces that think regime change is necessary in Israel to stop the bloodletting of Palestinians, which it is.

and since dove like peaceful Israel wont listen to the world and respect human rights and stop forcing the Palestinians to fight for their very existence,

then this regime change will try and remove Israel from the map as a sort of collective punishment on Israel for how its behaved since its inception in 1948, genocide upon genocide of Palestinians as Nazis did to Innocent ghettoized Jews in Europe during their rein of terror that appears to have never ended, Operation Gladio, which has its roots in the JFK assassination the Nuclear arming of Israel and a crusade against Christianity by worldwide Zionism using extremist Muslims,Jews,Christians,Satanists, etc. to destroy the masses of kind caring compassionate people world wide as they bring in their caliphate of death with GMOs,state/UN sponsored vaccine program to give most cancer viruses autism and sterilize? etc.,nuclear and toxin contaminated oceans and waters, racial and class wars, and ultimately thermonuclear war and massive nuclear meltdowns worldwide from inability of people to keep cooling rods from burning. (this list is shy)

the players are positioning themselves now

Egypt is getting ready for massive big war in Gaza by making a new buffer zone at the border with Gaza

this could also be called a demilitarized zone of a existing war

when IS comes into Palestine and west bank and down thru Golan Heights their will be no stopping the deeper penetrations of Iranian bombardment etc

Israel is now about to be destroyed for its wickedness again

its not just written here…

rlwallersteinIII on the eve of Armageddon 11192014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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