Blessing to Serena Shim, murdered while reporting on Kobani from Turkey, a hero of a woman

Thanks to Creation for Serena Shim and her teaching us the value of truth for which she died for protecting the multi-denominational Kurds against IS-ESRAheil/USA/Turkey/NATO, she is Muslim form Lebanon/USA and has passed on in a obviously suspicious car accident after she had produced pictures of IS terrorists riding across Turkey/Syria border in NGO vehicles going to Kobani, within days of being accused by the Turkish government of being a spy which she denied on 10/18 she was killed on sunday when a cement mixer smashed the front section of her car killing her.
She was impervious in her work and cared to save and sustain life clearly.
let her stay alive in our hearts.
blessing to you Serena, the world loves you


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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