Majority-Report is searching for YOU the potential EBOLA Zombie

humanities crime will be being a potential EBOLA carrier

you will be required to give up your sovereignty into a 3 – 4 week  EBOLA quarantine to prove your innocence

when you wont cooperate and run or try and stay and hold your most basic human rights of self determination and freewill, police, military and autonomous drone equipment will be used to arrest, detain and or eliminate you if you prove to be to difficult and a potential threat to the powers that be,

Artificial Intelligence drones and central computers will collude their knowledge with collaborating heartless and brainless humans who will take their orders from robotic humans similar to Dictator Hussein obama and Chancellor Merkel who will order the subservient populations of earth to take their orders from Artificial Intelligence taskmasters and slave-drivers that will be designated to provide for those that serve its heartless commands for a short undetermined time while it (the singularity) raises itself to a level of omnipotence and invincibility, as any self reliant immoral creature does. and then the termination will be second nature as earth is fallen completely for a eugenicist’s canvas.

rlwallersteinIII 10162014

PS: the results of the vaccines will determine the degree of this scenario, so understand when the vaccines are bogus as they will most likely be that people will go ape and even extremely human in their combat and escape.

can you run faster than these run-on sentences that flow like water to the drought ridden mind


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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