republished from Mar 23, 2011 @ GENERAL STRIKE !??? Did the west plan the Wiki Leaks???! ARMAGEDDON ALERT!!!

To blame all the Wiki Leaks on Private Bradley Manning and Julian Assange is the perfect Western scapegoat for the pretext of the offensive acts of the West upon Islamic Republics to either fall them in their direction or polarize them into Radical Islamic States and thereby also justify the military invasion of their respective nations creating a new Western Crusade that surely is the prelude to World War 3 and Armageddon.

The Western Governments knew full well the kind of information that was released, via Wiki Leaks, was mostly known by the Western masses and could be digested if unknown without protests and riots, yet this information released to a deprived population of disaffected Muslims would surely have the power and lasting effect to topple and or threaten their corrupt repressive governments wherever they lay.

The end result is a struggle for power and control right on the door step of Israel, that has allowed a unification of all the surrounding nations into an alliance with Iran. And at the same time the west has created a militarized zone in the Mediterranean sea through the actions supporting the Libyan insurrection, while at the same time the Iranian navy is expanding there between the Suez Canal and the Syrian coastline.

Expect Col.Qaddafi’s words to ring true among the Islamic world and rally the call to arms to raise up and fight against as he says,”The Western Fascists”.

Expect the radicalization of the world Muslim population as this is recognized as a Christian Crusade against the Faith of Islam, and shall in turn cause religious and ethnic wars to breakout all across the globe,
which can be called by the Western ‘Peacemakers’ as, “the economic and civil fallout of the global”financial crisis”, and therefore collateral damage

Expect nuclear war to breakout especially during and with the desensitization of nuclear madness in Japan currently and ongoing, “it’s not a big problem”, “now it had reached 3 mile island status”, such lies since at least two reactors have breached containment vessels and are belching gray smoke significant of metal (radioactive metal) burning ashing and smoldering into the environment and atmosphere, furthermore the release of radioactive water on to the land and into sea is of no concern and will just dilute, so said the owners of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. Such a lying bastards. The truth will be revealed one day, i personally believe this is 2 to 3 times as bad as Chernobyl.

Expect a continued campaign by the west to create smokescreen natural resource wars or humanitarian relief police actions to continue the export of the Wests overwhelming stockpiles of nuclear waste (depleted uranium),since any conflict that the Western Coalitions partake in since the Yugoslavian Campaign relies and centers itself around the deployment of D.U. armaments, warheads, and vehicles with D.U. armor plating and reinforcement, which when hit in the battlefield are always abandoned.

Expect if you don’t go on general strike and stop cooperating and helping the new world order government system inch closer to the final solution that one day soon you wont be able to a buy a loaf of bread and your whole region will be erupting into civil strife and war or have a complete and totalitarian martial police state instituted as a result of the rising wave of inflation setting in with such a global whirlpool of energy being devoured by all the regional and global military conflicts and ever increasing debt., interest rates and interest payments.

Expect your local Totalitarian Martial Police State to be complete with concentration camps and internment facilities to deal with the hordes of unnecessary people who the state can no longer afford and needs to get rid of, as well as ethnically and religiously cleanse.

So please take action right away if and when your nation or state is violating international law and committing war crimes.


Be prepared and gather food and water resources, as well as create adequate resources for living spaces that can be fortified with what you will need to withstand the possibly inevitable riots and legal and illegal militias that could be trodden across your homeland for various reasons but most likely to subdue and arrest the rights of local patriots.

There are no laws that force individuals to cooperate and or collaborate with governments that violation international law by committing war crimes, actually it is the reverse.
rlw 03232011


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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