when the west and the EU turn its Cold-War of economic sanctions into a Hot War of military might, RUSSIA 100% backed by the BRICS will succeed

Russia uses charity and fair loans and trading to assist nations world-wide and lets nations get on their feet to allow for evolution technologically and socially.

Where as the west USA, EU, Israel, uses extortion with IMF and economic hit men (CIA) to achieve a penal world based on negative conditioning and deprivation.

So expect  overwhelming conquest by Russia in the coming WW3, as they together with he BRIC will sweep the remains of the American/European  and their oligarchical/monarchy/undemocratic away into he dust bin.

It would be wise to abandon sinking ships and wait elsewhere for clear ground to exist from, safe from Neo-Holocaust and less radiated ground to exist from.

the Russian force is huge and unified with superior missile and anti-missile technology and possibly functioning Scalar Weapons.

The western forces are divided already on failing economic policies that put them at each others throats. and are non-uniformed and in disagreement as to whether to have America and the EU under mushroom clouds, which is by far worse than farmers dumping their produce out on the ground as a protest to loss of farms.

How about those farms are salted with radioactive elements and the the EU people who needed the food vaporized.

rlw3 8302014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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