reprint JULY 3,2014; co-dependence day again, Armageddon is nigh, 1967+biblical(perfect)7 = 2016

The USk(former USA) and Dictator Hobama (UNpresident b.HUSSEIN obama) forces their hand on the world, using Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Ukraine as staging points in the construction and resurrection of the Caliphate of Islam and the Nazis of Adolf HItler in the Bandarites, which has its true Führer and Caliph in one Dictator Hobama who does the true planning, strategy, and financing against the US Constitution and independent Sovereign Nations and States and makes payments to the death of all those who stand in his way and die waiting for those of us who seem willing to make a stand, but won’t for the most part.

now in Israel the darkness of the Blood Moons is upon us as the scene is set for the final push to ww3 and Armageddon, Dictator Hobama attempts in the American peoples name to grant half a billion dollars to the new IS Caliphate via its Syrian associates. The true leader of the Caliphate of Islam and Al-CIAda is Hobama??? who is busy as the leader of the free world legalizing his right to have a transgender wife as the First Lady of the USk, and that his lie, on his oath to office, about the facts of the First Lady is also legal due to amnesty for crimes committed to prevent discrimination based in gender disorientation??? haha LOL, except the jokes on the world! and the cost will be the lives of the innocent and guilty alike and the pristine earth that gives humans and ever other living thing on planet earth quality life that cant be reproduced or synthesized by humans.

the Israeli government is insuring the full force retaliation under the name of the Third Palestinian Intifada, by their treatment of Palestinian activist and their mad rampage into the West Bank and Gaza  in an effort to find the 3 teens who they knew already were dead because of the shots heard in the background of their call for help. plus all the mayhem and death Israel creates as they colonize and Neo-Holocaust the Palestinians.

Now IS will take over the war machine of America and attack all sovereign states in the region including Israel, IS as is is gaining hundreds and thousands of hard converted followers, men, women, and children to expend on the cost of a worldwide manhunt for ever Jew in ever land worldwide, as announced and requested already by Hezbola about 5 years ago

all is due to the false flag episodes of Operation Gladio A(Europe) and B(International)beginning with the bombing in Bologna, Italy approximaitly and culminated with the 911 attacks on New York and DC, which appear perpetrated by the Bush administration, CIA, FBI, Israel, Mosad, IDF, British Gov., MI5, Saudi Arabia, just to name the main players, Osama Bin Laden was the Stool-Pigeon to take the fall and the wrap to launch the whole world into World War Three, and now Dictator Hobama plays all the wild cards with a smile and on-command synthesized crocodile tears begging for all to have mercy on the children that he mercilessly kills with impunity worldwide in a plethora of fanciful Pandorian fashions.

so as the new frontman or Caliph of IS Al-Bahgdadi says he will be seeing the his American prosecutors in New York

Now with the new power and missiles maybe ICBMs or soon to be they will make good on their word as Hobama falls America and lets in every terrorist who wishes entry and free bus ride to a staging area somewhere in the interior of the former USk.

this fifth column will be able to come to life in many facets including hooking up with the 37 Islamic terror training encampments within the former USA, as well Hobama’s brown shirt is now active in hiding the locations of these housing facilities for those who have no papers and have come to the USk on erroneous reasons and to breach the USk borders and then to make more crimes???, potentially including becoming terrorists to secure part of the or the whole USk for the Islam State.

the so called Antichrist will of course work it so well to afford what could never be done before by any dictator in all human history and cause all peoples to fight against each other and the earth.

when we help these systems of control we beg for our own destruction

on top of all this is the firing up of the Nazi war machine of Europe against Russia via the new front bandarites in Ukraine unleash the Neo-Holocaust of Amerika by Amerika, EU, Israel and NATO as Operation Gladio finds it mark on Moscow, Tehran, and Jerusalem, as well as turning over the USk and ever other free land into a slavery holocaust zones to reduce the worlds population and bring on Artificial Intelligence and fascistic space colonization.

wallerstein 732014


Biblical or perfect 7 is 7 times itself equaling 49

49 years from the time the Nation Israel gave Islam via Palestine the control of the Temple Mount where the Dome on the Rock and AL-aqsa mosques are located.

sept 1967+49=sept 2016

September 11 2016 ? = 9/11/2016 = 9112016 = 20 = 2

or September = 157254259 = 40 >40112016 = 24 = 6 the number of the jews!!! and so we understand the number of the beast also

this is due to the fact that 6 represents a cube and you can bet when things appear or beam in (as in,” beam me up Scotti”) they converge on a x,y,z positions and the realignment of the matter fills the space up in tiny infinitely small cubes all aligned to produce maybe a person who teleported in from lets say Alpha Centari.

so these people know how to use technology thats quite possibly alien or quite smart, as in one ark of the covenant whcih appears to be the stolen capacitor from the great Giza pyramid, who actually created this device, was it part of the job in constructing the pyramid, to cause the top illuminate from ionization and send out resonant frequencies(good vibes)???

aswell 6 is a perfect number when dividing up a circle and produces the flower of life.

 the universe signing off, aloha


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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