the shame is on every Jew in the world that wont speakout against the illegal brutality of the (censored) Caliphate (censored)/USA/EU/NATO in the glory of its neo-Holocaust of the Ukrainian-Russians and Palestinian people

its no difference than a German letting the Nazis have their way with the population of Germany and or Europe to perform eugenics and genocide or the Americans to genocide native Americans , sterilize and disease African Americans, practice eugenics on the whole American population for over 100 years

(censored) those that use the illegal market to make their illegal moves nationally and internationally

(censored) those that use their power in government and banking to strong arm the world into a nuclear war where the survivors will need to live underground and the future of the human race depends on off world colonization

rlwallerstein 7152014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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