the world must end its silence about (censored) Nazistic Holocaust in (censored) and Ukrainian Neo-Kiev Holocaust in East Ukraine.

the world must END THE MADNESS NOW!!!

Full (censored) against USA, (censored), Ukraine, EU, NATO, UN, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc… for standing by and fostering, aiding and abetting the war criminals and their war crimes in (censored) and Ukraine, as well as Syria, Libya, Yemen; Bahrain, Egypt Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc…

Study and learn why we must make collective unionized (censored) and (censored)s against the supporting networks and infrastructures that make these crimes committed by the Axis Of Evil to continue.

the world must convene a new world body and Grand Jury immediately and then send the world’s militias as the new World Court Bailiff to arrest and or eliminate those that commit War Crimes with impunity in these location as well as world wide…

(censored) and (censored) against axis of evil !!!

rlw3  862014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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