whats all the fighting over, Europe needs a new gas supply to support WW3 against Russia and the whole of the Islamic world that is turning as planned against its creators and keepers


these gas fields are disputed over by Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lebenon, and now IS!

Israel tries to occupy northern Gaza and clear out Palestinian to secure the rights of the Gaza off-shore Mediterranean gas fields NOA and MARI-B, while Islamic State is looking to acquire Israel and its gas fields, while Hamas invites IS to invade Gaza and merge into it as part of the new unfolding Islamic State Caliphate.

IS is Israel’s creation as is Hamas, the result will be the justified wholesale slaughter of all Arabs in the vicinity (Biblical Greater Israel) for the security of Israelis. the use of philosophies, techniques and war crimes that are identical to Nazis invading ghettos and murdering jews etc. are being implemented as standard fair bz Israel, and the whole of the West seems to be silent as to Israels right to murder with impunity.

As well Jewish/Zionist Ukrainian banker XPrime Minister/Xpresident A. Yatsenyuk has apparently assisted and colluded with Neo-Keiv to clear East Ukraine of human population so it can be replaced with natural gas fields and a nuclear fuel rod manufacturing site, including open strip mining of uranium that will pollute the air of Russia with fine particulate radioactive uranium dust that is the same as a permanent dirty bomb going off up-wind of Russian existence.

rlw3 7302014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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