why humanity must evolve beyond wall street

aRLeon’s State of the Union Address;


The state of codependence of the United Stated of America is directly related to
and born of living under a war based conquering society based on a speculative investment market, living on and with natural resources and territories acquired by genocidal means, to fulfill the markets requirements and obligations.
Literally obliterating functioning natural order.
Therefore, all the people living under this system,
by accepting and taking part in it, are contributing to the destruction of natural order, which truly is what supports our existence.
This root of destruction which rules over us by our very actions,
is like a quilt of silence reaching far into the universe,
with the disease of colonialism.


aRLeon(C)2010 written late nineties? edited August 19,2010

rlwallerstein 7282014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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