W berfore S? what? Wallerstein before Snowden: my letters to the Deutschland government 6 months before Snowden breaks for cover in Russia

January 31, 2013

Alle zukünftigen E-Mails müssen über die Deutsch internet reisen, bitte. All future emails must travel v…


To the judgeKerstin_________________1 More…

 Jan 31, 2013

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren von der Deutsch Regierung und Öffentlichkeit,

Bitte respektieren Sie meine gesetzliche Recht auf Privatsphäre in dieser Angelegenheit, die wir miteinander kommunizieren.

Alle weitere E-Mails werden Sie über die Deutsch Internet gelangen zum Schutz der Privatsphäre.

Und dass kein Mensch oder Maschine im Deutsch governmen oder Public sollten E-Mails an die angegebene Adresse nicht mehr, ____@__.com.

Vielen Dank für die Zusammenarbeit in dieser Angelegenheit der nationalen und internationalen Sicherheit.

Robert Wallerstein, 31/01/2013, _____, DE
PS: tut mir leid fur die google uebersetzer, und mich schlekt deutsch, ich habe zu machen mehr deutsch, en ziet bitte , erste ist diese wichtig problem.
hinter ist das authentisch englisch text
Dear Madams and Sirs of the Deutsch government and public,
Please respect my legal right for privacy over this matter which we are communicating.
All futher e-mails will arrive to you via the Deutsch internet for privacy purposes.
And that no person or machine in the Deutsch Governmen or Public should send e-mails to the given address any longer, ____@__.com .
Thank you for cooperation regarding this matter of national and international security.
Robert Wallerstein, 31/01/2013, _____, DE


january 25, 2013

the illegal? free expression of wallerstein


To Kerstinthe judge ____________________and 1 More…

Jan 25, 2013

dear madams and sirs of the German government, law authorities, and civil orders.

because of the newly created executive order to spy on Europe, created by the hand of the leader Obama. I, Robert Leon Wallerstein III find it necessary to ask for special notice to my presence in Germany and that a knowledgeable threat has been placed against my person by the attitude and actions of one Barack Hussein Obama who with his agents of all sort of Americans and their (foreign) agents are possibly preparing to hunting my person down like a wild animal, now or at any moment in the near of distant future.
Below is my dissident expression that must be protected by The Rules of Nurinburg, the Geneva Convention, and the German Constistution. The USA, leader Obama and their accomplices,(foreign spy agencies and legal authorities), must not be allowed to make surveillance on my person which could aid and abet an attempt to incarcerate or kidnap, murder and or torture my person based on my free expression and willingness to export that vision freely from the place i stand via my mouth and or written messages and recordings as well as projections world wide through the world wide web (internet), Radio and Television, and that my doing so is protected under German law. Therefore the German legal-authorities must not cooperate in anyway what so ever with illegal American attempts to track and therefore prepare to fall on their quarry which i claim are individuals as myself.
below are links to  the majority of my essays articles and poems that are the fuel of my single handed world-wide peace movement, which self anoints itself with the crown of the World Embassy, which is my invention and design.
So therefore as the Ambassador of the World Embassy, I look to the future as to how i will fulfill “the dream” of all human history and create world peace based on and in sovereign order, while knowing the Deutscher is guarding my back.
thank you for your cooperation in helping to protect my life and my work.
yours truly
robert l wallerstein III

 tut mir leid fur was ist hinter, das ist die arbeit bei die beste nsa computeren  kann einkaufen von americanischen, die google tranlator/ubersetzen.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren von der Deutsch Regierung……….



re:ROBERT WALLERSTEIN; i need special protection form Deutshland NOW!!!, starting today!!! please inform me who i must speak to 


Me dear, Judge Kett, Visa Buro Clerk Fr. ______, Social Worker _____ _____, Police Officer Kristin Eckbrett many critics of the Obama administration are being murdered in the last few weeks and months the man below was murdered i beleive, within the last few days. My position and views are open for the world and obama to read and un


Jan 14, 2013


To _____________________________________ and 1 More…

Jan 14, 2013

Obama’s ‘kill list’ critic found dead in New York City

Prominent American blogger and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz 

edited outlying content for clearity and privacy, rlw3 


april 26, 2013

hallo Kerstin, was gehst mit meine hoffe fur helfen und Schutzart 


To Deutschland Police Officer Kerstin Eckbrett

Apr 26, 2013

hello Kerstin

how have you been

im managing somehow

if you had noticed obama regime is out of control, making false flag operation in the nation with Boston Bombing (the Suadi they are deporting was the bomber many Americans believe he was visiting the white house and michelle obama visits him in the hospital) and Waco Fertelizer Plant Explosion,

Waco april 19, 2013 happened 20 years to the day of clinton’s ATF&US ARMY burning to death 70+ christians(branch DAVIDians) at WACO Texas and you can be sure most of those that died in the plant explosion or in the nearby neighborhood also were white christians.

this occured 3 days after the blundered boston state-organized bombing to cover it up and sidetrack the focus of the American people and media.

Just recently in the last month the US State Dept. list 300k+ SOVEREIGNTISTS/US-CONSTITUTIONALISTS, Christian Evangelists, Catholics,  Jewish Defense Leagers,extremist Jews, Christian Identity, etc…

Please respond with information addresses emails addresses and phone numbers of police organization or government organization that can respond to these threats against my person to be kidnapped stripped of my citizenship , tortured, and murdered,

all of course without ‘Habeas Corpus’ and or any due legal process

1)My journalist/activism is the basis of the first reason (NDAA 2012;sect.D;1021-1031) that obama regime claims they can kidnapped my person,strip my persons USA citizenship, deport my person to black-site-prisons(Guantanamo ie.), torture, and murder.

2)This new terror list from the US State Dept. is the second reason, since i believe in the Rule of Law and Sovereign Rights i am therefore automatically on this new list since the main ideal of all my work, philosophies, and political science theory is based in the ideals of Soverignity.

please follow thru on helping to protect my life,

i feel very vulnerable now that its possible obama works to destroy and murder the witnesses of his and Amerikas crimes

ihre wahrlich

robert wallerstein

happy spring!!! 


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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