is die Führen Hobama-Merkel planning on rebuilding the Berlin Wall in reverse in east Ukraine

Will the newly planned border fence/military barrier in eastern Ukraine against Russia actually be the eastern fence of the new concentration camp of the EU being formed around Europeans as the new-old nationalist movement gets many seats in local, national, and EU governments, as it stands now it will be to hem (trap) in the eastern Ukrainians and kill them off systematically with all illegal methods, as is already the actually act of a government killing of its dissidents, known as Democide, which is a war crime.

will this fence be a beginning of a greater Neo-Nazism about to like a ripple effect raise up throughout the EU and Europe.

Berlin and Washington D.C are in full support of the crimes of Neo-Kiev and the corrupt and brutal illegal regimes of the Dictators H.obama and a.Merkel further to be known as the beast Die Führen Hobama-Merkel are their instigators.

The world must file charges against (indict) these two criminals for conspiracy to Democide the Ukrainian people ASAP or the wall in eastern Ukraine may be completed as planned which will essentially seal the eastern Ukrainians in for systematic killing fields with no possible escape as Native American tribes under genocide conditions could run from pioneering Americans (Nazis) to Canada, Die Führen Hobama-Merkel will effectively have created a new Cold-War wall against Russia ripe with all the fitting and setting for a full siege against Russia and its allies.


rlwallerstein 6142014


angela merkel = aMerkel = amer(i)kel = amerike = amerika = america


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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