Nazism brought back into power in Ukraine by AmeriKa and Deutschland, or let’s say Die Führern HobamaØ-Merkel, next stop Deutschalnd/Europa and AmeriKa

die Führern HobamaØ-Merkel via the U.S.State Department’s Victoria Nuland and Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs & Security Policy/Vice- President of the European Commission assisted by the EEAS and Merkel’s personal acquaintance with Julia Tymoschenko, who said she wants to nuke 8 million east-Ukrainians, have their dreams somewhat fulfilled as anti-Kiev rebels are murdered by all means including burning alive, mortar fire on civilian areas, helicopter gunships firing canons and missiles, tanks, howitzers, and infiltration by machine-gun,granade,flame throwing and RPG tooting and firing Nazi foot soldiers, all never forgetting to finish off and cold bloodedly murder the wounded when they can be preyed upon and democided(-when governments murder their citizens) by their state Ukraine, if not all of this military invasion and democide is not coldblooded.

The rebels are not Russian ethnics/speaker , pro-Russian separatists or pro-Russian soldiers

before they are Ukrainians first

its foremost and first of all titles


both Merkel and HobamaØ are complicit in supporting grooming and placing the current government, which even with elections is still not legitimate since it took power via illegal force and used violence induced voter fraud to first make the Kiev-Mandain Regime in march 2014  with the Right Secktor and Svoboda Party taking over all most all functions of the government, including the situation of rigged election on may 25 under the Keiv junta placed by Merkel and HobamaØ via Nuland and Ashton and the violent Coup d’etat payed for by USk State Department ie… 5 Billion dollar over the last 5 years they confess.


Let’s (the world citizenry) now through the International World Criminal Court in Den Haag bring these colluding, conspiring, genocidal, democidal, international war criminals  to justice and punishment by the citizens that they threaten and murder already with the ongoing acts in Ukraine that they fostered into its current form and the illegal acts that made it happen before they give more power to the Nazis in their own respective lands(USk/Deutschland), politically, economically and militarily causing conditions ripe for protests, riots, and insurrections of open warfare and killing of rebelling citizens and foreign residents(Ausländern) who will be seeking refuge from the policies of these leaders that threatens their cultural heritage, viable existence and lives.

These two leader have great influence and access to NATO, EU, ECB. EC, IMF, USA, ISRAEL and through these entities they make democide and genocide against the world and have created a corrupt political/economic/military hegemony and Axis of Evil akin to the Nazis of Adolf Hitler and are launching the world into World War III.

Just look at the piles of bodies in east and south of Ukraine; burned alive, murdered while wounded, murdered just for being alive, murdered for standing up for the rule of law, murdered for being in the way of Westinghouse and the royal Biden family,

you will know them by their fruits


Rebel Wallersteiner 5282014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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