??? 3rd Palestinian intifada resumes with Palestine holding UN powers and Hamas again. Armageddon = 3rd Palestinian Intifada ???


3rd Palestinian intifada began 3 years ago on may 15 2011 and was put on hold as Palestine found state existence rights in the UN.

Now with Palestine, together again with Gaza-Hamas and West Bank-FATA in concert with a new agreement and a the new position in the UN, will seek international war crimes against Israel for their colonial-apartheid-neoHolocaust crimes which will precipitate  a new siege against Israel similar to the siege on Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D.

the acts in Ukraine by the USA/EU/NATO/ISRAEL are the last finishing touches to raising a world-wide Nazi-Caliphate for the surge into Damascus, Moscow and Tehran that will force the worlds armies to converge in Israel for the final battle of Armageddon.


Nazi can be a reference to Moses the first official Nazi who called out for the murder of those that wouldn’t follow his dictatorial power that he claimed were ordained by God/YHWH.


ordained to destroy planet earth???!!!


what kind of god is this YHWH, equaling the Midian, Saudi Arabian god YHW (“Yahoo”)(dass ist keine joke) which appears to be the same god that had become the heart of  Qaabaism,

are Jews and Muslims actually worshiping the same religion that calls for the destruction of earth???

is YHWH  mascaraeded over the god Baal ? when the true creator is named Elohim, Enki and or Ea , this was a Anunnaki astronaut who created ADAM  and EVE etc.

and that israel is involved in attempting to sacrifice the whole of the world population that is not Hasidic Jews.

that is what sacrificing the red heifer is about?

are the rest of us (non-Hasidic HUMANS ) to be sacrificed as Goyim or cattle as Israel starts to pray for? by making sacrifices at their existing sanctified 3rd temple at Mitzpe Yericho since 2011???, the same time approximately that the third Palestinian intifada began.


YHWH and the god(ELOHIM, Ea, Enki) that appeared to Abraham appear to have a different agenda.

one demands the death of the innocent and the other protects them.

it appears the exodus Jews are not peaceful as is Abraham’s lot and have changed their god for a need for war to create a home for their brand of ritualistic murder and holocaust ???


holocaust – a burned offering


rlwallerstein 562014 = 3 to the third power as am i


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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