reason for new cold war – electronic byte currencies / Byte-Ruble

The West fears Russian Byte-Ruble to dominate the World Market and virtually sell out (buying out the other economies) causing the Ruble to equal the value of gold and become the Worlds Reserve Currency, and every Byte-Ruble financial transaction being a fair loan to the Russian government to improve their infrastructure and technological advancement causing Russia to have a quantum leap into the future and the cosmos.

What we are witnessing is the Wests condemnation of a Russian necessary intervention in crimia and soon eastern ukraine is its attempt to stop the natural move to russian gold fueling a financial revolution that could land humanities natural ethnic forms deep into the cosmos which Neo-Fascist-Oligarcic-Anglos fear.

Now with the advent of the Ukrainian crisis causes solely by the west is a provocation due a provocation in response and justification to set the sanctions in place to allow for a curtailing of the Russian gold mountain to effect the Wests corrupt false markets , where western bankers are stealing everyone’s wealth while not holding any necessary collateral which has been siphoned of by their makers.holders and controllers.

wallerstein 4292014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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