der Führer Hussein Obama had black musicians with conscience murdered ??? because they would speakout against him!!!

who really is responsible for the death of James Brown, Micheal Jackson and Whittney Houston.were thses famous voices silenced so they would never voice concerns and alarm over der Führer Hussein obamanation. all of them were people of conscience no matter how messed up thez maz have been people respected and listened to them,

and if thez had made outward general warning against obamanation and NDAA2012:D:1021-1031

they also would have made remarks about how anti-Kennedy/King and how anti american and anti constitution and anti bill of rights obamanation is

these american would have spoken out and been heard

with people like them it would be hard to hear oprah winfrey blow-bag saying

“Racists [Whites] must die for racism to end”

how prejudiced can you get using racism to cause attacks .

Jackson, Brown and Houston all would have rallied against her hate speech that violates the 1st amendment and incites violence against a group of a specific race or a whole race itself.

oprah should be indited, tried, judged, and sentenced for this violation of federal law!!!

now with the death of Malcom X’s grandson who would have spoken out against this new black panther party attacking george zimmerman and whites under the direction of obama administration, see the raising up of the muslim brotherhood, al-CIAda and a world caliphate headed by obama himself.

hello is anybody understanding what this all really means

time is up

with the passing of the end of time(Mayan calendar timeline) and now this most significant 4 full eclipsed moons (2014-2015)on jewish holidays of significance ,with 2 partial solar eclipses and a grand full solar eclipse in the middle between the 4 full lunar eclipses expect madness like never before.

and to top it off the ashkenazim are occupying the Al Aqsa Mosque and Solomon’s temple grounds in preparation for something cubic like the hexagon on SATURN, the kaaba, the kabbalah, the star of magen, the 3rd temple time is here as is Armageddon

like a fairytale, nightmare or tales from the grave the times come upon us faster each moment as we accelerate into a true zero point that is in full connect with the human vibration being generated into one amalgamation vibration

that is the frequency the universe hears. sound like the squelch is on hi as our human frequency of chaos devours our souls, and threatens the universal peace that must be sensing our presence as ripples of Earth’s discord  infiltrate into its cosmic order.

they know we are hear and destructive as ever.

we are at the mercy of emptiness when we fail to respond with unity against threats of death and human extinction.

stand together and preserve life, one humanity or none

wallerstein  2nd march 2014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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