reivised from codependence day 2013: the Office of the President has been turned into a Stasi-Gulag-Drone that UN-pres.bHobamaø controls with his right hand while he makes his unconstitutional edicts with his left

dessin-obama-droneWake up Amerika, game over, better make general strike now or no more having American dreams in your sleep or your waking moments.

Nothing more or less than General Strike will weld the power of the people at this point of progression of the Federal Government into fascism and a totalitarian corporate tyranny lead by Monsanto directly against the will of the true American People.

Make organized National and International General Strike against ever entity, State, Nation and or People that organizes with the UN Agenda 21,the plan devised by black-illuminadi/Bilderberg Group/Trilateral Commission/Counsel on Foreign Relations(CFR) ), which is to openly destroy economies, environment and world health, human/state/national-sovereignty and mobilizes its efforts in creating the situations and scenarios for a greater all nation encompassing WW3 which is to cause the New World Order(one world gov. syst.) These nations and organizations are listed openly as defiers of other nations-people right to sovereignty and economic independence; the USk(former USA), NATO & NATO countries(cross-USAborder sec.exch.), EU(cross-USAborder sec.exch.), Israel(cross-USAborder sec.exch.), Mexico(cross-USA border sec.exch.), Canada(cross-USAborder sec. exch), Russia(cross-USAborder security exch.) etc…………………..

the US Federal Reserve Bank together with the World Monetary Fund has looted the world’s gold and natural resources and now inflation is soaring so high that soon ever business that is not run by its government will collapse and permanently close for business. This is the payback for a loaned war into oblivion that began with the false flag attack on the world trade center carried out by the nation it was said to harm the USA? question or fact, let Sybil Edmonds, 

answer your doubts!

In the near future no one will buy and sell anything on a normal and honest “On The Table” white-market without the MARK and or consent of their rulers.

At this point in the fascistic progression it will not be possible to display a show of force or use it, which is guaranteed for Americans constitutional by the 2nd amendment even to the degree of overthrowing and deposing the said despots.

Sounds nice and even romantic, even legal, but understand we are small fish and that when UN-pres.bHobamaø and his Federal Government want to cripple We The People they have more power to do so than ever before, presidential signing statement or Presidential-EDICTS as i refer to them have created a situation where the office of the president has been turned into a Stasi-Gulag-Drone that UN-pres.bHobamaø controls with his right hand while he makes his unconstitutional edicts with his left. The machine has just gotten up to prefunctioning speed and is catching some balance, momentum and homeostasis, (as does a artificial intelligence) and has just begun to accelerate as it should and will in the soon to near future get up to normal human soul devouring operating speed, i imagine this monster can be switched to HI, better to keep us in a  state of constant distress and duress that UN-president bHobamaø easily feeds from like a old time demon, vampire, or lets just come out and say it “a sadomasochistic satanic dictator”, the UN-pres.bHobamaø-the ne0-anti-Christ on his crusade to murder (all???) Christians and Jews everyplace they are being true to the ideals of Human Sovereignty held on high by Inalienable Creature Rights endowed in every Conscious-Sovereign-Life-Form that exists and shall exist.

are you kidding me, its not independence day unless you are a sovereignty hating alien…but speaking from a legitimate point of sedition, “Amerika has never been a legal state”

Happy Codependence Day Amerika (USk is the former USA)

X: rlwallerstein  July 4th,2013  Deutschland


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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