whats comin down the line…fire and brimstone???

well well well

it’s a old saying and this time we will go into the well or depth of comet ison

when on about jan 8-10 we begin to pass orbitally through the debris field of comet ison where it had passed about a month and a half before as it crossied earths orbital exactly on its path to the sun, all this seemed standard???except that earth will travel through the wake of comet ison’s debris field, in the debris field or wake of the comet will be many stragglers that had fallen away from the nucleus and fallen back but a high chance is that they still travel on teh same trajectory and its very likely that very many object are following the comets path but are not visible to the trained electronic eye of humans, as many ateriods come upon us or pass before we know it, out of the dark of space.

ison has had a long time to set a long invisible trail behind it(billions of miles, and for several months fragments that exfoliate off ison will be travelling along the same route its parent ran along. so from jan 8-10 through to jan 21-13 approximately we will travel through this debris field or wake of comet ison

also, the ability of this material to conduct and hold electricity similar to a capacitor also is of great significance


and it may well mean fire and brimstone upon the earth

as well the solar flares that ison will cause since it is a sun-grazing comet and because it has multiple nuclei that will most likely explode as it get so close to the sun, it could or will have a very electric effect on the suns coronal mass ejections or flares

class x flares that could be severe enough to cause major blackouts and electric system failures

remember all the nuclear reactors in the world will p[possibly have their electronics fried

then massive nuclear facilities world wide will melt down into a epic Armageddon outcome

with these solar flares have been discovered gravitational waves that hit the earth and cause devastating earthquakes usually within 2 days of the flare

resonations take time to manifest in earth processes and have their flux

as when you vibrate a object and in some time it will break but not immediately with the applied force

when Fukashima is struck by more earthquakes its a good possibility it could fall into liquefaction pit or quicksand that has formed under the power plant due to massive water leaking and under cutting and soaking the remaining sand bed beneath the foundation.

when more shaking the already leaning (tilting)plant could resettle or fall over or into the forming vessel below, yes like a forming vase, below Fukashima the sand becomes like quicksand in a larger and larger area as time goes on, and should this underground dam burst ,Fukashima will fall down , over or into a sink hole

when this happen it will turn into a bubbling and exploding gyser that surely will be far more bad smelling on a  radioactive level than any sulfur based geyser ever was.

then it will be necessary to immediately go to the southern hemisphere since a deadly amount of radiation will be released with the uncontrolled burning of the first 1500 then the 5000 more approximately fuel rods just waiting for havoc at a place the earth is giving way, hello is anyone listening!,

at this point the best one can do is run

run to the southern hemisphere now before running is futile

in the very south of the southern hemisphere is a hiding shadow place where fire and brimstone from comet ison wont fall

just study what and how its going to happen

here is a link to a interactive website dedicated to the travelings of one comet ison

below is the link to the interactive comet ison website


use the truth

wallerstein. earth, 11/21/13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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