in memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy … 50 years into the abyss of the assassins technocratic despotism

so here we are on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination

and coincidentally on the 100 year anniversary of the installation of the private U.S.Federal Reserve Bank and and the Bush Dynasty to Hades,

which is exactly where they’ve brought us Americans and the rest of the worlds people, as we lay on the precipice of WWIII and Armageddon.

well dont be fooled, WWIII is already being fought and its hot with nuclear weapons, what is depleted uranium (DU)???

(and dont forget Fukashima is ready at any moment now to wipe-out all life in the northern hemisphere, let aside how many its killing already)

DU is layed in dust in all the American and NATO military theaters of war since the 1991 Gulf War, as well as being left in large easy to unstrap formations such as armored vehicles destroyed with those pesky IEDs that the CIA helped train the Mujaheddin (MEK, early al-CIA-da) in the use and creation of IEDs and with high probability helps keep a good flow of this wonderfully creative devices and their constitutes that can be smuggled and or built from virtually anything and used to destabilize the region of the freedom fighters and their local jihads with DU in all its genetic destabilizing effect for half lives to come adn then some, “the gift that keeps giving DU”. IS your current job supporting the US/NATO terror network, government worker, military, public sector,welfare recipient,student,destitute impoverished, status quo, any American or person in the world can understand what he supports and begets, just trace(transcend) all your material actions and know whose rope you are pulling and being pulled by. Have you helped pay and support for this state sponsored terrorism in the form of offensive wars by buying government stocks, paying your federal income and property taxes or participated in a government/banker bail-out(taxes levied) or maybe a bail-in(bank accounts levied) coming on your near financial planning. have you made preparations that you wont be able to go the food store, the gas station, or any businesses or even drive your car down the road safely without attack or military confiscation under Martial Law.

have you sat complacently while the government took away all your human rights guaranteed by the U.S.Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, so you would be safe from the terrorism that you personally pay for and support!

after about 3-4 days of no food in markets human flesh eating gangs emerge and make sure they have enough food stored away for the coming famine, eat of be eaten.

so this is the hell they planned for the last hundred years, for us all world wide

this is why all the corporate and public welfare, to prepare for our bottomless fall

to be continued…

so in the spirit of Kennedy  lets make our stand and stand together and united from land to land nation to nation human to human and from sea to shining sea

let no mountain lay without a voice,no low land be without a call of freedom and mercy

and no ship sail free without remembering

we hold these truths to be self evident…

in memory of JFK, let us dream our future.

wallerstein, earth, 11/16/13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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