obama starts WWIII (link-video showing obama backed rebels firing nerve gas mortars) and more for hope, beleive it or not…

blame UN-pres.bHobamao and Secretary of State john kerry for starting WWIII,

let the world hold them accountable for every dead and injured person in Syria and the greater war and deaths that will follow world wide.

also let us hold the the former secretary of state of the USk(the former usa) hitlery clinton, oops, excuse me, hillary clinton also responsible for the dissemination of American made Stinger surface to air missles to alCIAda via the contracted killing of Ambassador stevens cooped by clinton and UN-pres.bHobamao, as they forced the CIA in Tripoli to stand down and not stop the carnage unraveling onto Ambassador stevens and his 3 CIA protectors as they watched the attack on the CIA compound in Benghazi from drones overhead which gave the white house a live feed of the events taking place in Benghazi on Sept.11, 2012



the August 21, 2013 nerve gas release nearby to Damascus has the signature of the UN-pres.bHobamao controlled alCIAda rebels who control the region where the gas was released???



Russia will not let UN-pres.bHobamao and NATO attack as a solution to the problem they created.

this is the prelude to WWIII

expect a preemptive or retaliatory Russian/Syrian/Hezbollah Yakhont and Iskandar anti-ship missiles –

http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13920604001374 – to cause a NATO “PEARL HARBOR” event on the Mediterranean seashore of Syria and a Russian/Syrian/Hezbollah nuclear strike on the Cyprus NATO command center and airport – http://www.infowars.com/western-warplanes-begin-arriving-in-cyprus/


all this undoubtedly will lead to Inter-Continental-Thermonuclear-War (.)


only love or god can save us now

are they not the same thing

Atheist Agnostic and God believers, we are all together or all apart(apart-as in torn form limb to limb)


love is the answer to all problems

love is the way to let nature be the way she was meant to be and be in oneness with her… rlw


she is mother nature, our earth that we suckle the breast of like infants, when shall we truly grow up.

as for me I’m perfectly content to suckle from the breast of my earth mother forever, as a child of creation.


MaYa = Ma + Ya

mother before father


maya means illusion in ancient Sanskrit = माया


let us all understand we don’t really know how the creation of the universe occurred and where it came out of

but i suspect it was birthed from a cosmic womb.


so here and now i start the new All Humans Church of MaYa where we can all work together to meet our daily bread requirements and build a world of plenty for all till the end of time.


robert l wallerstein III, August 28, 2013, close to the north pole




has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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