(rough draft) How obama and USA are destroying all independent(sovereign) life forms on Earth



The illegal and illegitimate regime of UNpres. bHobamaø is currently involved through collusion and sedition in the upkeep and supremacy of Monsanto corp.as well as the spread of their need through the use of HAARP as a weather weapon that “The Dictator Obama”(rlw3) now indiscriminately points at other nations and at his discretion from the prying eyes of the the senate and congress and directs the loss of sovereignty of other nations and would be nations (such as Germany) that the USk(the former USA) keeps under control with obnoxious weather patterns that cause economic suppression then metered and controlled by the World Monetary Fund. as i believe which is backed by meteorological research and observation.

the recent move by the Chinese government to derail the USk’s current homogeneity  and bring on a gold standard, as well as the USk’s reluctance to give back the gold to Deutschland and therefore keep her chained to the allies and the Marshall plan that forces Deutschland to continue on the eugenics paths of Hitler and the Nazis and produce U-Boats(submarines-best in world) and send its boys into the path of hell that the USk and UNpres. bHobamaø lead to World War 3 and a nuclear conflict in the middle east resulting in a large battle in a valley in ancient Israel still today called the valley of Armageddon, here have been the most battles ever for anyone place, and you bet all the money you will need to buy a loaf of bread with that they wont pass the opportunity to blow up the place.



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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