on the ideal of ‘Sedition’. Happy codependence day USk! 100 years of federal reserve banking system.

tumblr_mc9ofrGyHS1qexmlpo1_1280The USA is in sedition against the Free Sovereign American Indian Tribes, Nations, Confederacies, and Territories that it usurped and proclaimed in their place to be their Sovereign, this is the ultimate sedition, and completely illegal by all standards of legitamate international and national law.

All Europeans, and other colonists of non-North-American-Genetic-Origin(non-native) are only guests and must behave with respect to the sovereign nations which they inhabit or visit and must at all times carry the correct traveling and or residential documents (papers). Yes that means a passport from the actual original legal nation of origin, and a visa which grants permission to be a guest or resident, written by the apropriate American Indian Tribe, Nation, or Confederacy.

As the basis for a new-nativism and claim to sovereignty, being American does not qualify one to be free of their progenitors crimes and false pretenses, but being a mix blood of part N.American Indian Ancestry does gain Legal-Native status as N.American-Genetic-Origin but does not guarantee a land allotment, which is set by each N.American Tribes own standards.

rlwallerstein July 3, 2013


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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