WORLD-WIDE PATRIOT WATCH ; “getting SNOWED-IN”, USk(former USA) searches for world patriots, USA is dead and was illegally conceived on American Indian Sovereignty

so Snowden can hide good??? really , he is a sitting duck

all this means we are “Snowed-In” by the USk(former USA)government and their inhuman agenda to subdue human freedom and sovereignty world-wide


so, when you notice this blog is dismantled, blocked or deleted

and or

when i no longer write approximately on my new schedule of every 2 weeks, where i will CHECK-IN with all you free-sovereign peoples and states,

then it must be asumed i am MIA(missing in action), kidnapped by the NWO-empire’s agents; USk(the former USA), NSA, CIA, FBI, MI5-6, INTERPOL, al-CIAda, IDF-MOSSAD, KGB?, etc…

my scheduled 2 week check-in will be another witty article and attack and or opportunity against the NWO-empire’s usurpation of human sovereignty and forging of a new world order

so please write to or call the Deutschland government and or police about my where about since i am not responding to any means of communication and that i am possibly a missing person who requires a search and possible rescue to begin in regards to my disappearance; in the wilderness or my kidnapping and holding in a USk(the former USA) black-site prison.

i can be contacted at, where i will give a response as to the status of my freedom

no response from my person means that a missing persons report can be filled with the Deutschland Staat and or  Deutchland Polizei.

please don’t contact the USk(former USA) or the EU, since i openly write against their legitimacy.

veil dank, Blessings to all Life

Robert L.Wallerstein III – World Embassy Ambassador


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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