der Führer obama has al-CIA-da(FSA) shooting CIA blanks??? to create whats required to cause the Russians to engage FSA/NATO

how and why do normal_ Russian airliners escape NATO grade surface to air stinger missiles ? (out of range.. shooting out of range on purpose..bad guidance systems.. Russian secret weapon…..)

if its true the usK with der Führer b.Hussien obamaø now merely has to just insinuate the attempt or even the idea of any form of terror so that it can take martial counter-measures including full scale genocidal regime changing humanitarian invasions to remove the blight it created, in the case of Szria the FSA. The NATO/usK/OPEC support of the FSA is actually supporting and causing the wholesale murder of white skinned Christian Jewish and Muslim minorities and Shiites whose heritage in the region dates back  beyond the time of Jeshua.

NO one can not expect this to spill over into Europe proper!!!

Now since NATO support has introduced the knowledge and practice of small scale chemical weapons use by the FSA and the small but effective use of it ???(march.2013) to kill and maim Syrian solders and citizens can also be sighted as use of chemical weapons in Syria, by Assad’s regime???

the FSA-rebels are the fodder of NATO/usK /OPEC to introduce a “Drone War” against Assad and Syria.

wake up HUMANS(?) you are being used for doormats of the corrupt supremacy that will never let a soldier have a place in the council of fraud and dis-empowerment.

the false flags of amerika are the glory of treasonists who created the federal reserve and their followers and cronies that comprise the bilderberger group the trilateral commission and the council on foreign relations which are the heart and soul of the worlds most powerful politicians, monarchs and imperialists who have enacted and orchestrated agenda 21 and the beginning of the demise of humanity into a one world government NWO ultra totalitarian police state. All Sovereignty and human freewill must be restored or all will fall into oblivion under such pressure as to bleed all of humanity like grapes in a wine press… which is their plan…

so when der Führer bHobamaø is conducting the throws necessary to initiate World War III and they are seen as counter-terrorism and therefore legal and that the overthrow of Sovereign Nations is either done at the signing of the bankers pen or in the acceptance of lead and Depleted Uranium into your heart and soul of your people and your nation, all people must make solidarity and resistance against der Führer bHobamaø with sanction against the usK and its tentacles that are its working apparatus of feeding and fighting.

for any sort of human future of self determination we must all stand united in this resistance of usK with der Führer bHobamaø leading the world into a conflict(Armageddon) that will leave the financial markets completely broken causing the failure of the whole of the western world and possibly the whole financially connected world to seize up all production with the inability to restart their respective systems as the civil insurrections turn to civil wars and destroy the infrastructure completely leading to the first world wide famine that will lead to a Epidemic of Cannibalism and Mad-Maxism.

der Führer bHobamaø is the king of eath and destruction and under his guidance launches The Terminator(film) Sky-Net autonomous drone system(s)   (see D.A.R.P.A.)





has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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