obama is the enemy of humanity


“I scare myself when I look in the mirror. Let them kill us as we have nothing to lose. We died when Obama(1) indefinitely detained us.  Respect us or kill us. It is your choice. The US must take off its mask and kill us.” 

(1) der Führer UN-President b.Hussein obamaø



The words of a man unlawfully indefinitely detained by der Führer UN-President b.Hussein obamaø (American Presidential usurper) and amerika(the former United States of America) at Gitmo (US-blacksite prison Guantanamo, Cuba). He has attempted to threaten to starves himself to death in protest against inhuman conditions in the Gitmo that violate the 1945 rules of Nuremberg, Germany and the forthcoming Geneva conventions of 1949. In prevention American GIs at the Gitmo switch between torturing those on hunger strikes with the deprivation of water and being force feed through a painful nasal-feeding-tube which injects a (claimed) nutritional fluid into the bodies of those who have no chance for a redress of their crime and punishment in a court of law, and remain detained indefinitely with no end in sight.


der Führer UN-President b.Hussein obamaø never closed Gitmo as promised and in fact has turned it into a open view torture house(gulag-prison).

As well it is known by the world that PFC-Bradley Manning has been and is continuing to undergo violations of Nuremberg Rules and Geneva Convention with solitary confinement, sensory deprivation and undisclosed factors because of national secrecy directed by the left pen hand of der Führer UN-President b.HUSSEIN obamaø.

A new Sovereign World Body must be organized immediatly to address the crimes of der Führer UN-President b.Hussein obamaø, the US government, and their accomplices in a grand jury court open to world view and control.



Now obamaø has signed the monsanto protection act of 2013. der Führer b.Hussein obamaø has empowered Monsanto with “Preeminence of Law” and veto power over the American government on issues relating to their activities (counter-current to the the interest of humanity and the American people) in creating, releasing and infiltrating the common food supply of all humans, the DNA destroying/cancer causing experiment of GMO disseminating has a new life directly defying the American voters direct democratic rule of law to sideline Monsanto, with the ultimate aim of making Monsanto close shop and hunt down every last genetic resource Monsanto claims ownership over and then force Monsanto to re-appropriate heirloom/ancestral  seeds to those that have had their heirloom/ancestral seed banks infiltrated and spoiled by the neglectful and purposeful spread of the Monsanto pollens and seeds by Monsanto, their agents and clients. globally farmers have received lawsuits against them by Monsanto lawyers claiming the inhabitants of earth have illegally appropriated said Monsanto pollens thru natural means and ways and are therefore responsible by law to Monsanto for this copyright infringement and therefore theft of Monsanto pollens and seeds governed over by natural biological and atmospheric actions, when in fact Monsanto is the violator and the inhabitants of earth are the victims being forced to receive this bad pollen and seed that causes cancer, unknown illnesses, known illnesses, destroy the viability of nature including all animals and plants that feed on these GMO products. we know GMO corn makes illness, we know the bees are dying, the bats are dying, the fish , the birds, and the animal worldwide are dying for reasons unknown, and the human death rate to unknown sources of cancers and other serious organ diseases have markedly risen since the widespread introduction of GMO foods and experimentation. Humanity must hold Monsanto and now der Führer UN-President b.HUSSEIN obamaø responsible for those killed and or diseased by GMOs and all effected social and natural systems must be duly compensated.

Make General Strike as this is a violation to international law and basic human rights and the USA Constitution as well as a violation to most nations constitutions and basic human rights globally.

Demand the impeachment of der Führer UN-President b.HUSSEIN obamaø,

and all his accomplices now!!!

with hope for a justified humanity

robert wallerstein 3/31/13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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