gulag America is here as our faithful liar of a director makes good on his word to deceive the American people.

obamao has prevented his own vetting at the DNC by side-lining activist into no-mans-land indefinite detainment for their free expression a la America’

now it is officially called terrorism to peacefully protest.

this is an unprecedented occasion and truly elevates Barry Soetoro  aka Barack Hussein obamao to the level of dictator.

i am so far, unmolested, freely speaking and writing this blog from the last bastion of semi-free speech, this land has had no compromise over the banker destruction of its infrastructure and culture, but yet has a resilience that wont roll over so easy.

it is quite possibly true that i am the last Sovereign.

and since now with the recognition of my position I spread my wings of a message and take to the sky

please help make this blog-site,website into a pamphlet in your language and spread it, please.

please help spread the message  of the World Embassy and World Union of Sovereign States and People.

we humans are depending on each other now more than any time in our history

please let us not fail ourselves and destroy the earth and each other

save the values of Washington, King and Kennedy for the world to share and benefit from,

teach your children and the world the truths these great Americans brought forward to rescue humanity out of the reoccurring fact of Fascism.

as the Amerika fails into a Civil War of an unprecedented level please remember that this road plan back to humanity and our chance to have world-wide freedom and independence waits for you here in my mind that i freely share with humanity here and where you take it from this place

please spread the messages of this blog far and wide

send the message electronically here on the internet, translate it and send it far and wide

and please translate and print the interesting pages and cast them forth in your native tongues and languages

the time is now for humanity to step forward and claim its sovereignty and take control of our own destiny out of the hands of world elite who plan the extinction of the human race by planning to “improve our DNA” and splice in Nanotech-chromosomes, the plan is called by the U.N.’s International Congress “RUSSIA 2045”.
prepare for the revolution, it is here, and it wont be televised but will be previewed for your desensitization and enjoyment via the internet and Hollywood

the World War against the NWO (usa+NATO+bankers) is officially declared by the actions of die Feuer obamao.

its on and hot . save your families…save your countries…save the earth…

work for peace and reconciliation by speaking and exposing the truth of what is and the truth of what can be

love is the answer to all problem

use the force

aRLeon Wallerstein

truly your goldstein of  Orwell’s 1984,

im not a secret yet and lets keep it that way

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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