famine america 2012 FLASE FLAG OPERATION: US military controls weather?

Is the coming famine of 2012 a government false flag operation against the sovereignty of the American people? Its well-known that the U.S. military has capabilities to control the weather (HARP in Alaska), and that this years dry spell is a recipe for total economic and material infrastructure collapse. Over the last 20 years the United States has drastically reduced its surplus food stocks and currently it may be discovered mother Hubbard’s cupboards are relatively bare and therefore famine driven Americans can easily be led or driven into FEMA relocation/concentration camps for food and protection from looters and militias, although their lot will be no better in the FEMA encampments. Under the coming conditions of dollar collapse, WWIII with Syria Iran and Russia to start with, and armed military forces attempting to breach the U.S. constitutions 2nd amendment and disarm Americans, their wont be many places to run and hide.  America is a failed state transforming into a gulag state 100 percent and now the American people must learn who their new masters are.
Strange how it all has come to a head here just before the possible re-election of the most illegal head of state ever in the history of the world, the son of the notorious hardcore anti-American communist Frank Marshall Davis, Barry Soetoro or whatever his original name was, known by his alias Mr UN-President Barack Hussein Obamao, who in a treasonous act against the U.S. Constitution actually makes and takes the U.N.’s marching orders and has functioned as the U.N. Security Counsel Chairman, and fails to adhere to the Laws and Rules mandated by the U.S.Constitution by following the orders of Congress and the Senate through illegal Executive Orders has turned the Office of the President of the United States of America into a dictatorship and has created a situation where full violation of Posse Comitatus is underway with the U.S. Military setting up encampments, checkpoints and military invasions within public and private areas in the U.S.exemplified in Chicago May 2012 when Martial Law was instituted for the NATO conference.

Obamao will undoubtedly be reelected, his friends, via George Soros, in Spain control the vote count for 26 states.

America get ready to lose your dream and your lives.
You for too long have allowed your government and your military to go and kill innocent people and destroy beautiful civilizations and their coexistent nature,
You America have been the whore of the world and prostituted yourself for your comfort,  vanity,and the fortune of the global bankers who now want more blood, yours this time!!!
You the American people have forgotten our faithful imperfect leaders King and Kennedy.
have you also forgotten what is the value of freedom? and therefore the cost.
you shall find out soon enough, by your petty insults against truth and logic, you America have deprived our innocents to pay the penalty in full for the crimes of your corruption.
arise AMERICA and while you have the last chance MARCH ON WASHINGTON AND DECLARE A PERMANENT GENERAL STRIKE TILL THE VALUES OF KING AND KENNEDY ARE FULFILLED WITH CORRECT ACTION, that means bringing down the race barrier and shutting down the Federal Reserve Bank and the World Monetary Fund, and withdrawing from NATO and the UN who use American military resources for obtaining their un-American objectives including the latest act of giving full support to Al-Qaeda to go forward from the conquest of Libya and murder of Gaddafi to the announcement of their goal in Syria to run out all the Christian-Syrians and murder all the Jewish-Syrians.
There needs to be a permanent encampment on Washington DC to resist the current erosion and destruction of the US Constitution by the office of the President of the United States and that the convening American people demand that the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obamao, aka Barry Soetoro be  arrested, impeached, and deposed  immediately before he causes any more harm to the precious US Constitution which is the soul of the American people, the USA, and the hope of the World of a permanent redress against tyranny so that all humans may enjoy Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Obamao‘s crimes include forgery, perjury, torture, murder, mass-murder/genocide,attempted murder, attempted mas murder/genocide and attempted torture, conspiracy, embezzlement and treason, to name a few.

The illegal president of the US, herr Obamao must be arrested and charged and then an immediate and speedy trial will have the chance to put an end (treason is punishable by death in the USA) to this disgraceful period of American and World history that has almost destroyed America and the World, and with justice cause a repeal of all the laws created at the hands of these liars and war criminals, and a full reinstatement of the US Constitution including the repealing of the Patriot act, the North American Union with its counterpart NAFTA, and the Prohibition of Marijuana,  just to begin with.
During and after all this rearranging of the American social and material machine, it will be necesary to prosecute the crimes of the Bush and Clinton crime families and other documented globalist who now have come out with their current ongoing actions, plans and conspiracies to commit mass murder through their access and influence of the politics, power and economic structure of the different nations of the world, where their influence and implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 is causing many, if not all of the circumstances where innocent people are being mass murdered worldwide by foreign troops(genocide) and their own nations militias (diocide).



Now its your responsibility, yes you the American people, to attempt to constrain the military industrial complex and the pyramid of technocrats that dominate it and now the American People and land.
A necessary immediate return to the “George Washington” America and the cutting of all contracts and foreign obligations military and civilian, so that all the internal conflict and deprivation in American can be immediately ended and a reacquisition of jobs and services to the good working hands of the American people.
With the necessary green revolution currently underway yet inhibited by the current financial stall and permanent down turn due to growing interest rates that will foreclose on all properties and businesses in some small given time, it is possible with good old-fashioned elbow grease to build the currently available green living infrastructure into a thriving Steady State Economy.
Why?, so that you and your kin may enjoy the true wealth of the American dream, any less and no one will enjoy a metaphorical worldwide Berlin style post war collapse after the final great war.
World War III will be nuclear, wake up, it has already begun just ask anyone in the Middle-east
and demand the values of King, Kennedy and Washington and an end to the Federal Reserve Bank and the World Monetary Fund, and the implementation of the WORLD EMBASSY in their place.
SAVE THE HUMANS!!!…and the rest will follow
aRLeon Wallerstein


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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