The Third Palestinian Intifada May 15, 2011 – Armageddon

If the Palestinians organize and come to the Israeli border at Gaza,West Bank, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon all at the same moment on May 15, 2011, as their internet/Facebook leaders wish, and subsequently breach the border, then the Israelis will respond by attempting to stop them. This would mean Israel will be attempting to kill every person breaching the military and political borders of Israel. This will cause a great martyrdom of Palestinians as never before. Millions are planned to come to Israel borders and insist on the return of their homes and land as they make their forcible entry toward their goal against the opposition of the state of Israel. If Gandhian methods are employed by the Palestinians to breach the wall, the threat at the other end will never be realized (the destruction of the Nation of Israel) as the Israeli Defense Force and settlers every where inside Israel, kill and martyr the invading unarmed Palestinians, in the name of self defense. That act of killing defenseless people on a mass scale without any end in sight till all the lined up Palestinians are killed and thereby martyred will cause a drawback of any support from Israels allies and allow her enemies to come to the aid of the Holocausted Palestinian Martyrs and attack the Israeli positions as is the case in Libya (Western support of the Libyan insurrection), which would mean the destruction of Israels ability to defend itself, since self-defense would be all the State of Israel would be guilty of. This will gain the support and military machine of first the Iranians and then the Russians and so one and so forth they will line up to come to Armageddon as predicted and prophesied in the Bible. Jewish people all over the world will receive reprisal attacks as the word is heard                  to kill every Jew everywhere.

please wake up world!!!


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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